I was ready to just fade away but kept going because of my girls. I was diagnosed with just about every chronic disease, was heavily overweight and my asthma, IBS and psoriasis was killing me. I had tried every diet under the sun before a friend told me about this Danish place. I couldn't go in person. (living in Australia) but bought the book. I just started feeling better and better and inside 5-6 weeks my symptoms had just all gone away! FOREVER GRATEFUL. KISSES FROM SYDNEY

Sarah Miller

Kenny and the whole team hold a very special place in our hearts family (A Big thank you to Charlotte too!!!). My son suffered from terrible psoriasis and allergies all of his life. Nothing worked until we tried the 100 Friends plan. Kenny refused to help directly because the plan is meant for adults, but we used the book and halved all doses ourselves and my beautiful son can now swim with his friends! and wear a t-shirt again! and sleeps through the night! THANK YOU

Teresa O'Neill

I have tried all of the diets, but was 'morbidly obese'. Paleo, keto, juicing and so forth has no effect. Someone give the 100 friends team the Nobel Price. They saved our familys future. My life was never easy. I suffered with 3 autoimmune conditions ever since my 20s and was ALWAYS overweight. it is hard to describe the pain this involved. I can now finally live like a NORMAL person after following this amazing super programme. Thank you. from the bottom of my heart thank you. THANK YOU

Catherine McGuinness

I'm a 54 year old Male. My health  deteriorated and I kept gaining weight and my diabetes spiralled out of control. This program is not as easy as other things out there, but it doesn't matter because it is the ONLY THING that works. Go on a retreat if you can. This works.

Jack Forster

I have always struggled with my weight. I recently got engaged but had a lot of body and health issues. Weight (Always 20-30 lb overweight) Diabetes, Psoriasis, Arthritis etc. I have tried juicing, Vegan and keto and was ready to give up. this program did it!!!! and we had a beautiful wedding in Bali this year. I will never look back. This is the new me. THANK YOU

Linda Chung

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