20 Popular Diets That Will Not Fix Your Gut

20 Popular Diets That Will Not Fix Your Gut


Millions of people stay on diets for decades that will never ever heal them.

This book will tell you why these diets simply will not heal your gut, and save you decades!.

You need a brand new way of thinking to fix your gut and to fix your life quickly.

This blog is mostly made up of excerpts from the original book: ‘YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE’ by Kenny Mortensen & the 100 Friends Master Diet Team. There will therefore be references to the ‘programme’, ;'book' and ‘plan’ contained in the best-seller: YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE

Welcome to a brand new way of thinking!  


Now, let's save you a lot of time!


Fasting works… until you start eating again. 

It is amazing and terrifying to see how autoimmune conditions can disappear while fasting… only to unfortunately reappear once people stop fasting.

Fasting can be highly beneficial, but a few weeks after you start eating again ALL of your symptoms reappear, so what;’s the point? 

The ‘YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE’ programme can easily be turned into an Intermittent Fasting programme, by simply only drinking tea up until 12 o’clock, then compress the programme slightly so that you can stop eating before 8 pm.   

This programme already excludes the foods that trigger reactions... and already includes only soft foods in the morning and for dinner... and are already starving your unfriendly bacterias of their favourite foods… so the benefits of fasting further are likely minimal.


Juicing works…  until it makes you worse. 

Vegetable Juicing can help you lose weight dramatically and make you feel much better short-term. 

Vegetables juices unfortunately taste awful. That is the reason the apples... and mangoes... and bananas are added! Sugar!

Sugar! Sugar! Sugar!

The extremely low fiber content and high fruit sugar content in juices, unfortunately starve the ‘good’ communities of  bacteria, and feeds the ‘bad’ communities of bacteria in your microbiome.

Many therefore end up slimmer (!) but worse than before, a few weeks after they stop their juice fast.

Unhelpful yeast love sugar. 

Fruit is full of sugar.


Your friendly bacteria love fiber.

Juicing removes the fiber. 


If you love juicing, juice vegetables only, and then add the fiber back in for a smoothie-like consistency to retain the fiber. 

It is true that juices (Smoothies, soups and broths) are very gentle on the digestive system, and give the digestive system time a little space to heal, as your inner skin is left in peace to heal.

It is also true that juicing leaves out most of all of the junk you used to eat - apart from the fruit sugars - and this is beneficial compared to what you likely ate before...

It is unfortunately not enough.

As you juice you starve a good many trillion bacteria you REALLY NEED to keep you healthy, AND you likely feed all of the sugar-loving yeast or worse.  

The ‘YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE’ programme already includes very soft or liquid wholefood smoothies and soft foods for 16 hours of the day, and a long list of gut builders, to give your gut a chance to recover, reset and rebuild. 

Unlike juicing though, this programme is also extremely high in ALL KINDS OF FIBER and extremely low in sugar.

Therein lies the difference!

Keto, Paleo, Carnivore... 

‘Keto’ or ‘low-carb’ or ‘Stone Age’ or ‘Paleo’ or ‘Carnivore’ diets - or whatever they are called in their various disguises - work to begin with… until they kill you.

All of these diets, simply work for a while, because they remove a lot of the triggers for allergies / food sensitivities /immune responses stemming from spillover of endotoxins and plant toxins and antinutrients, and remove most of the foods the ‘bad’ communities of bacteria feed on… 

These diets are the ultimate exclusion diets. 

Meat contains a lot of densely packed nutrients - but the value of all of these diets are certainly not that they contain a lot of meat -but that they remove just about all other foods!

Once you have removed every single carb food known to man, you will have removed most trigger foods also. Removing carbs will naturally make you lose weight also.

This has a little merit, but meats in those sort of amounts are unfortunately also HIGHLY INFLAMMATORY, and most people will start substituting for the lost carbs, by pouring liters of vegetable oils, seed oils and nut oils on top of all of their food, and/or eat dairy products.

The saturated fat content, awful balances of omega fatty acids and low phytochemical content of the diet is a recipe for DISASTER     

On top of that your ‘good’ communities of bacteria are starved to near-death, as they depend heavily on soluble and insoluble fibers.  

Diets very high in meats and oils, unfortunately likely also promote cancer growth, and potentially wreak havoc on your cardiovascular system. 

If you want to look beautiful in the very short-term and die young, these are excellent diets. If you prefer to see your grandchildren, then these diets are best avoided.

This programme is similar to Paleo and Keto diets in that it is low in NET carbs, BUT this programme is extremely high in fiber. 

This programme will make you achieve your ideal weight automatically, without the extremes of meat, oil and dairy bonanzas - and without going hungry.

Unlike paleo, Keto and similar diets, this programme achieves a Monounsaturated : Polyunsaturated fatty acid balance of the an ideal ratio of 3:1, and an ideal Omega-6 : Omega-3 fat of an ideal 1:4. The saturated fat content on this programme is less than 10% of total calories as recommended (It clocks in at an ideal 7%).

Just two tablespoons of coconut oil would feed a Keto fanatic more saturated fat than contained on this programme per day.  

Paleo, Keto and similar diets can quickly make you deficient in vital phytochemicals and minerals such as potassium, and are often high in salt. This leads to poor digestion, skin rashes a loss of muscle mass, and steadily worsening health. 

Keto helps some people lose weight, but it is NOT the HEALTHY solution it is made out to be, and can be outright dangerous if followed as a lifestyle.



Vegan diets work… until you realise that you basically live off carbs, cakes, meat substitutes, seed oils or worse... 

as well as legumes and a host of different vegetables which contain antinutrients and other plant toxins… as well as  sweet fruits and dried fruits….

Many are very surprised to find just how much worse their symptoms become on a vegan diet.

Vegan diets have a lot going for them. Dr. Greger, Dr. Fuhrman and many other Vegan champions are heroes, and just about right in everything they state.

IF your digestion and gut is in perfect shape, AND IF you have no existing auto-immune conditions, or gut permeability issues, or microbiome issues, or fungi or pathogen issues AND IF you stay off oils and legumes and many other foods AND IF you only eat WHOLE-FOODS AND IF you only eat very little fruit AND IF… … then the Vegan option is one of the best by far.

A lot of the taste, and some of the unique nutrients, in the ‘YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE’ programme comes from the tiny bits of fish and meats you add to your salads. These are spread on top of your salads in tiny pieces as a topping.  

Added up they would amount in total PER WEEK to the amount of fish or meat most people would eat in ONE MEAL.

This programme is therefore near-vegan and 95% whole-plant - but very tasty!

If opposed to eating meat, the programme can be modified to suit a Vegan, who would need to up their intake of fresh olives and avocados.

Do keep in mind that every single of the Blue Zone diets studied, ALL included small amounts of fish or meats. 

It is highly likely that a few grams of quality fish (And occasional other meats) per day, will do you more good than harm.

That small allowance of animal products, will also open up all of the world’s kitchens to you, once the stricter parts of this programme finishes, and you can eat more varied     

This programme especially lends itself very well to Asian kitchens, such as the Vietnamese.

The Carnivore/Keto and Vegan diets are at EACH END of the EXTREME.

There is a tendency in our culture to divide everything up in ‘good/bad’. 

Few eat just a little meat… or a little bit of sugar… or a little bit of yoghurt… The either/or mentality is likely a product of all of the terribly unhealthy processed and low-quality foods the marketplace has been jammed full of. 

Our foods really do make us sick. 

People therefore look for extreme solutions.

Excluding the whole animal kingdom forever is certainly radical, and there are many good reasons to do so, BUT 

It is highly unlikely that eating small amounts of fish, or occasional small amounts of other meats... or even a highly nutritious egg once per week... will have any measurable detrimental long-term effect.

It is a bit like throwing an aspirin tablet in a bathtub…

The tablet is so heavily diluted by water, that it has no measurable effect.

(Which incidentally is also the reason why Homeopathic medicine is utter nonsense)       

Your body can easily process and benefit from a little fish spread on top of a mountain of salad! 


Vegan diets tend to be very high in nutrients, phytochemicals, antioxidants, fibers and a whole long list of other beneficial compounds.

The exact same is true for the ‘YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE’ programme. 

The programme is highly optimised towards nutrients, but also highly optimised away from plant toxins

You will eat four times more fiber on this programme, than on the Standard Western Diet (A 400% improvement), while only consuming 10% of the carbs your typical Vegan will consume. 

Vegans often consume A LOT of sugars. This is the reason a lot of Vegans less sophisticated Vegans look sick; Cake, fruit and nut bars, chocolate bars, granola, fruit, dried fruits etc. 

Add in the beer, pizza, pasta, fake cheese etc. etc. and you end up with a terribly unhealthy Vegan.  

This programme contains FOUR times less sugars than the recommended daily intake. 

That is TEN times less sugar than your average Vegan or anyone else consumes in a day.

The programme features a unique fiber:sugar balance of 1:1

The foods included on the programme are all HIGHLY nutritious WHOLE FOODS, That are carefully selected for their health benefits. 

Vegetarian / Flexitarian

It is great to go vegetarian, if your conscience bids you to do so, but be very careful not to become a ‘carbs, oils, dairy, fruits and sweets’ vegetarian. 

Just like many Vegans… Many vegetarians also end up making themselves sick… 

Not only do many Vegetarians eat the many problematic foods the Vegans eat, but also add in the eggs and dairy such as butters and cheeses... 

The scientific evidence is not conclusive, but points towards Vegetarians and meat eaters sharing just about the same health profile long-term

Vegans and flexitarians, enjoy an edge over meat eaters.      

‘Meat eaters’ can however mean many things. It can mean a person that hates vegetables, and lives off bacon, processed red meat and mountains of fried foods, cheese, yoghurt and junk, frying everything in gallons of seed oils… 

It can also mean someone living the traditional Japanese lifestyle of past centuries, mixing small amounts of fish and marine animals with mountains of vegetables, and a little  rice, fermentables, condiments and a shot of Sake. 

Before you decide to let go of all fish, and occasional other meats forever, bear in mind the health statistics of countries like Vietnam, Japan & Spain. 

They were traditionally among the healthiest countries in the world, and have included a little fish and a little meat as part of their diet for thousands of years.

The ‘YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE’ programme is 95% Vegan & Whole-Food, but allows for small controlled amounts rich tasting, nutrient dense animal foods, such as fish and grass fed beef.  

Exclusion Diets 

It can be argued that ALL diets are Exclusion diets. 

Various exclusion diets provide various health benefits.

Exclusion diets work, to a lesser or greater extent, simply because they remove (‘Exclude’) food items… but just removing foods will never allow you to recover, reset, repair and rebuild the gut. 

Exclusion diets certainly hold part of the answer - It is one piece of the puzzle - but NOT the full solution!!!

The world is full of specialists and books telling you that just by avoiding this, that and the other, your symptoms will magically disappear. It is not true. It is not enough in itself.

The ‘YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE’ programme excludesa few items to begin with, but ADDS a long list of very unique food items in VERY SPECIFIC COMBINATIONS for synergistic effect, that actively allows you to recover, reset, repair and rebuild your microbiome and digestive system FAST    

It is NEVER enough to just EXCLUDE foods. 

To achieve health, you will need to INCLUDE specific foods and supplements in specific amounts, ingested at specific times of the day in specific combinations, to achieve real results.

Autoimmune & Anti Inflammatory & Gut Diets

The most popular so-called 'Autoimmune' or ‘Anti Inflammatory’ or ‘Gut Diets’ have got a lot of merit, and are often based on sound small bits of science.

These diets sell in their millions, but unfortunately the authors have not done their homework and end up including food items proven to cause inflammation... 

Sweet high glycemic fruits like mangos or dried fruits… 

High amounts of coconut, palm and other oils... 

High amounts of meats…

Food items proven to cause serious reactions such as soya… 

a long list of exotic sugars... 

Often these fancy named diets are just KETO or PALEO in yet a new disguise... 

These diets are often advertised by medical doctors, and can bring relief to some people the same way Keto does short-term, but are dangerous in the long-term.

The success stories are trumpeted far and wide. 

The many failures are written off as people’s inability to cope with: ‘stress levels’ or ‘poor sleep’ or ‘lifestyle’... This is a poor excuse covering the real issues with these diets.   

These diets are certainly a step in the right direction.

But the amount of saturated fats and sugars allowed in these diets - often derived from coconut oil and animal products - and the shameless promotion of branded pills and powders that will have no effect - and the fact that these diets are often promoted by medical doctors - really borders on the irresponsible.

These diets often allow near unlimited amounts of animal products, and oils such as coconut oil (12 grams of saturated fat per tablespoon), and sugars such as molasses, honey and maple syrup... 

Medical doctors are in a position of trust, and ought to be very careful with which programmes they promote. 


The ‘YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE’ programme shares many of the most basic principles with the so-called ‘Autoimmune’ and ‘Inflammatory’ and ‘Gut’ Diets, BUT this programme has been thought through properly, and will not result in yeast overgrowth or heart problems or starvation of the very bacteria that will bring about healing.


The ‘YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE’ programme will never ask you to buy branded powders and potions, supposedly designed to clear you of this or that. Whenever a programme asks you to buy its own branded powders, you should tread very carefully. 

If you are afraid of ‘Big Pharma’ and their plastic tubs containing powders and pills... be very, very afraid of the ‘Big Alternatives’ that sell you branded ‘alternative’ pills and powders in plastic tubs.


Whenever any programme asks you to buy a branded product, just move on. The real heroes of health will never ask you to buy any branded powders, pills, drinks etc. and will only ever offer you solid information at a very affordable price

This is how you know people like Dr. Greger are in the game to fight for your health, and your family’s health, and the nation’s health - not to make money off sick people, by selling them more ‘alternative’ powders and pills.

Acid/Alkaline Diets

The basic way of selecting the foods you eat from an Acid/Alkaline theory point of view has some merit.

‘Alkaline forming’ foods tend to be the healthiest foods on the planet, and so this way of organising what you eat is likely to make you healthier. 

The science is shaky at best, but the results are often measurable and positive when applied by people with no exisiting health issues.

From the point of view of the foods included, the ‘YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE’ programme would certainly score extremely high on the Acid/Alkaline chart, earning an Alkaline gold medal.

The Acid/Alkaline way of looking at foods has some merit, but will never ever heal underlying health issues or balance the microbiome.

The Acid/Alkaline diets often include food items that are bound to send your levels of inflammation to the stratosphere if not prepared properly; Sweet fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes…


Detox Diets

Detox diets operate from a completely wrong premise.

Your body is well-equipped to remove toxins by itself. 

You don’t need powders or strange concoctions to detox yourself. 

That is what your kidneys, liver, lymphatic system, lungs, digestive system, skin and many other moving parts are there for!


The results that many see from following a ‘Detox’ Diets are simply down to the long list of trigger foods like sugar, simple carbs, seed oils, legumes etc. etc. being removed from a person's diet when on a Detox Diet. 

Detox diets are therefore just basic Exclusion Diets.

It is very, very unlikely the positive results people experience, have anything to do with any special ‘detoxing’ -  or indeed any detox powders, herbs or other expensive detox products.

The positive result are simply down to all of the food items people do not eat when on a Detox Diet.

When people start eating again, they get unwell immediately again…



Whole Food Diets & Whole Plant Food Diets

Whole Food Diets have a lot going for them. 

They are generally based on sound principles, and the ‘YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE’ programme also strongly focuses on whole foods only.


The problem with the Whole-Food Diet, is that people with gut or autoimmune or inflammatory problems... will find that they have TERRIBLE reactions to whole grains… to sweet whole fruit… to whole beans and lentils… to a very long list of antinutrients found in many whole vegetables... 

It is frustrating to many to find that they feel MUCH worse (!) when they EAT ALL OF THE RIGHT ORGANIC WHOLE-FOODS; whole grain, whole fruit, whole-whatever... 

It is supposed to be the healthiest diet there is!

The gold standard of nutrition! 

Still many end up far sicker than before…


If your digestion is not in a good place to begin with, you can unfortunately make yourself very unwell by just focusing on whole foods.

Whole Plant Food Diets are based on very sound principles, and are excellent diets for very healthy people. If you are not very healthy, you need to be very careful. 

The Whole Plant Food Diet is the diet that leads to the most questions, as it is hard to believe for many, that the ‘gold standard’ of eating, can make a person feel that awful. 

Test it for yourself!

Make one dish containing whole brown organic rice.. with whole beans... in a whole tomato.... & whole chilli sauce… with whole-peanuts... accompanied by whole bread... with whole fresh seeds....


Make another dish containing (processed non-whole) bone broth soup... with 100g white (processed non-whole) rice Pad Thai noodles... with some smoked (processed) fish on top... and not a single vegetable in the dish!


One will likely cause you severe reactions (So be careful).


One will cause you no reaction at all.


Guess which one will cause you the severe reactions?    


Plants do not want to be eaten - or at least do not want to be digested… and so plants employ a whole arsenal of plant toxins to defend themselves against plant predators such as YOU.

These toxins are found in the outer layers of the whole plant.


The ‘YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE’ programme is Whole-Food, BUT only includes items that are low in plant toxins... 

or whole foods that are prepared 24 hours in advance to limit the likelihood of any reactions.  

Just eating WHOLE will not solve your problem. 

What is important is to eat the RIGHT foods, in the RIGHT carefully measured amounts, in the RIGHT combinations at the RIGHT time of the day.


Just eating WHOLE FOOD is just too simple a strategy.

It is ONE piece of the puzzle, but only a small piece.

Low Fat Diets & High Fat Diets

Low Fat Diets and High Fat Diets have been debunked time and time again. These tend to be the conversation of our times... 


Low Fat and High Fat Diets are both dangerous for different reasons. They basically provide you the choice between Diabetes or Heart Disease... 

Low fat leads to high carb. High carb leads to a range of lovely diseases that lead to death.

High fat takes the shortcut, and leads directly to death. 


It is the right amount, of the right combination of fatty acids, at the right time of the day that wins over both.

This programme is a Right-Fat in the Right-Combination at the Right-Time kind of Diet, avoiding the serious pitfalls of both the Low fat and High Fat extremes, which are killing people in their droves.

Calorie Restriction Diets

The world is full of Calorie Restriction Diets, promoted by very large and very powerful corporations, with hundreds of millions of dollars and a team of lawyers behind them.

It is dangerous to even mention the names of these large brands, or the celebrities that promote them shamelessly.

They are fantastic money makers, because everyone is getting fatter and fatter… and everyone is desperate to get thinner and thinner…


In comes the calorie counters.


It hasn’t worked for 50 years for a couple of BILLION people… but maybe it can work for you?     


Limiting calories to less than normal, certainly will make you thinner.

There is no doubt about that. If you eat less calories you will get thinner.  

It just never lasts. It is impractical and impossible and everyone knows it.

These diets usually include a lot of product buying to top things of; shakes, smoothies, bars, powders, aprons, apps…

People - in their desperation - still sign up to these programmes in their millions - despite the evidence clearly telling us that these diets simply DO NOT WORK long-term. They NEVER worked.

You spend a long and miserable time being on all of these plans and programmes, in effect starving yourself daily on branded shakes, and hating yourself for not exercising more… but how can you exercise more if you are exhausted and starving?


These programmes make people FATTER long-term.


Some, who religiously followed the diets, are even more unfortunate: Having restricted their calorie intake for long spans of time... their body has adapted itself to that new reality of fewer calories.

When they go back to just eating a normal healthy amount of calories daily, they will put on weight rapidly. How unfair is that? Eating a normal healthy amount of calories and getting fatter and fatter!

That is the double injustice of first spending vast sums of money on programmes that starve you, only to find that you are now possibly disposed to growing even fatter even quicker afterwards!

The same people would actually likely have lost more weight, over the long-term, had they included one weekly eat-what- you-like ‘piggie day’.

You will not go hungry on the YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE programme.

You will eat all of the calories you need daily, without feeling hungry, AND AT THE SAME TIME your body will find its way back to its own natural weight, once the microbiome is restored to its former glory and all of the underlying issues have been dealt with through food.   


Blue Zone Diet /Mediterranean

Blue Zone Diets make great sense.

Blue Zone Diets focus on territories around the world, where inhabitants traditionally lived long, productive and happy lives, with few chronic diseases.


The ‘YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE’ programme already includes most aspects of many Blue Zone diets, except for the exclusion of some foods, which unfortunately triggers reactions for autoimmune sufferers. 


Blue Zone diets happily includes heaps of Olive oil paced with plant toxins, and a very poor Omega 6: Omega 3 ratio, legumes and many other items that are just packed with plant toxins.

If you already have a perfect digestive system, you will do fine on these diets, and grow fat and happy.

If you are blessed with an impaired digestive system, or Autoimmune condition or chronic inflammation, then these diets will make you a lot worse a lot quicker.

That said, It is very likely that you will be able to enjoy much more of the foods typically eaten in traditional ‘Blue Zone’ or ‘Mediterranean’ areas, at least a couple of days per week, after you have completed the initial programme.

Much Asian food in particular, lends itself very well to healthy living, and happy eating, but even the original so-called ‘Mediteranean Diet’ can be modified (Quite dramatically) to provide you with plenty of wonderful recipes, once you have arrived on the other side.     


No Stress / 'Right Thinking' Diets

Whenever a diet focuses on ‘stress’, it is because the diet does not work.

‘Stress’ is easy to blame, as ‘stress’ is so ill defined, and just about EVERY HUMAN ON THE PLANET is stressed some of the time.

Many are stressed ALL of the time.

A diet which focuses on you having to walk around like a Budha, is not a diet... and likely will not do anything to heal your body.

All of your symptoms will likely remain, BUT you might feel better about them!          


‘Stress’ is the excuse used by such authors - and many alternative practitioners - to avoid taking the blame for their failed diets. 

‘Oh it didn’t work?’... ‘You must be stressed!’...

Another good excuse is sleep… or negative thinking…

Of course it is healthier to sleep 8 hours every night like a baby, think positive all day, laugh and never be stressed. 

No one disputes that.

But it might be hard to sleep 8 hours every night like a baby, think positive all day, laugh and never be stressed 

if you are sick as a dog!    

It is likely that it is your gut health that is causing you poor sleep and stress. This is natural.


You fix the underlying problems with bacteria and chemicals and hormones, and THEN you will start to FEEL better and SLEEP better and be less STRESSED.

The gut bacteria comes first. 


Feel free to be stressed on the ‘YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE’ programme! Listen to Heavy Metal all day... and hate life if you like! 

Just follow the programme. It works at the bacterial level in your gut microbiome, and soon you won’t be able to stop smiling.  


Your 100 Trillion New Best Friends

The list of goals to be achieved, can seem daunting at first, but EVERYTHING IS ALRERADY BUILT IN TO THE YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE PROGRAMME 

Allowing you to achieve all of the below, by just following the YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE programme:

  • Fix your microbiome issues and imbalances 

  • Assist your assimilation of / balances of / metabolism of macronutrients and micronutrients

  • Heal and seal your gut (Gut permeability / scars) 

  • Deal with unhelpful bacterial overgrowth/dominance 

  • Deal with Yeast / fungal overgrowth/dominance 

  • Limit Mycotoxins (Plant toxins produced by moulds)

  • Limit Endotoxins pouring through your gut barrier

  • Avoid inflammatory foods / foods not designed for humans 

  • Limit foods containing naturally occurring plant toxins 

  • Limit foods containing man-made toxins (Especially processed foods of any kind; Even apple juice and sunflower oil are processed foods! Real food only have ONE ingredient) 

Eat specific food and supplements that are naturally:

  • Antibacterial

  • Antiviral

  • Antifungal 

  • Antiparasitic

  • Antigenotoxic

  • Antiproliferative

  • Prebiotic 

  • Probiotic 

  • Full of a variety of digestive enzymes

  • Full of compounds that boost bile production

Eat specific foods and supplements that:

  • Have IMMUNOMODULATORY properties 

(Modulates your immune system) 

  • Have ANTI INFLAMMATORY properties

(Help take down the systemic inflammation faster)

  • Help regulate GENE EXPRESSION

(Helps the beneficial genes dominate / be ‘turned on’) 

  • Help regulate URIC ACIDS 

(Lowers the levels of uric acid)

  • Supports your LIVER & KIDNEYS 

(Boosts the often problematic fat conversion, oxidizes triglycerides, and aid the detoxification process)  

  • Supports your THYROID FUNCTION

(Your thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate processes like your body's metabolic rate, your heart,  muscles and digestive function)


Eat foods containing ALL TYPES OF FIBER:

  • Cellulose 

  • Inulin 

  • Pectins 

  • Beta glucans 

  • Psyllium 

  • Lignin


It is quite the list!

The good news is that all of the planning has been done for you! 

The simple plan included in the book is already designed with ALL of the above in mind, and makes healing easy and quick.


Your 100 trillion gut bacteria will love the FANTASTIC FOODS and supplements combinations that will make up your own gut microbiome healing party! 

Once your gut has been healed, your other conditions will heal afterwards.

Your 100 trillion bacteria will keep you healthy for life.


Avoid the Traps

As you start your adventure, avoid the obvious traps!


Trap 1: My Doctor Knows Everything

Don’t fall in the trap of thinking your doctor knows everything. How could he/she possibly be a specialist in all areas? 

The idea of a ‘General Practitioner’ is that they know a little about everything. That is why they are ‘general’ practitioners.  

Is it reasonable to expect your doctor to have the same knowledge as a Professor in Immunology or Genetics or Molecular Biology? Of course not. 


Trap 2: My Doctor Knows Nothing

It is madness when some think that their doctor’s long education and experience and intimate knowledge of health issues is worth less than the information contained in this or any other book.

Always take your doctor’s advice. 

If your doctor tells you it is not safe for you to come off your medication then stay on your medication (!) until your doctor tells you it is safe to do so. 


Trap 3: Big Pharma Trap 

Please don’t fall in the trap of thinking that doctors or ‘big pharma’ are all part of some grand conspiracy… 

It is simply not true.

If you don’t want to support ’Big Pharma’, then get well naturally through the FOODS you eat, and wave goodbye to a lot of your existing medication (With your doctor’s blessing).

Stop being a customer of ‘Big Pharma’ and ‘Big Food’ and start being a customer of your local organic farm instead! 


Trap 4: The Big Alternative Trap 

The graveyards are full of people who died as a consequence of prescription drugs. Medical errors are one of the leading causes of deaths.

It is of course best to avoid medicine as much as possible, for as long as possible.  

The graveyards are however also full of people that took themselves off all medication, and then started drinking natural colloidal silver... or took dangerously high doses of x, y or z natural supplements... or started pouring cups of natural coconut oil on all of their foods.... or went on crazy natural fasts for far too long without medical supervision… or poisoned themselves by ingesting some natural herb... 

Educate yourself! 

Be careful with thinking that medicine is the solution to all problems (But take medicine if your doctor tells you to do so).

Be careful with thinking that just because something is ‘natural’ it is safe to take in very high doses. This is NOT the case.

Be careful with staying on any extreme programmes for extended periods of time.

Even this current programme includes at least ONE weekly flexible food day, and at least TWO weekly days where you don’t take any supplements of any kind and can more or less eat whatever you like!

You are looking for a radical solution - but not an extreme solution - or a mad yo-yoing between extremes.

Trap 5: The 'Not-Doing-Anything' Trap

Often one of the worst things you can do in life is to take no action.

Any action leads to learning.

Learning leads to improved action.

Improved action leads to possibilities you could not even envision, back when you took no action.


Trap 6: The ‘Are we there yet?’ trap

Once you have started the programme, just follow the programme to the letter daily,  but forget about food, weight and conditions for a couple of weeks.

Stop looking at yourself. Just let the programme take care of your health, while you are busy doing other things. and focus on those other things.   

Remember the famous story about the apprentice gardener who kept watering the roses non stop for days?

He thought that if he just watered the garden non-stop it would grow faster… Instead he ended up with a mudhole. 

The natural world has its own tempo. It is remarkably fast, but not as fast as flicking a switch. 

Trap 7: Mixing & Matching 

Do not add any food or supplement. Do not remove any food or supplement (Unless your doctor asks you to).

Don’t fall in the trap of taking bits of ideas or ingredients from one programme, and mixing them with bits of ideas and ingredients from another programme.

‘Mixing & Matching’ can lead to unwanted interactions and side-effects.

 More is not better.  ‘Mixing & Matching’ is even worse.



You should not rely on this blog as a substitute for professional medical advice. You will find this repeated throughout the books. Trust your doctor!

Please see the medical disclaimers for full details.

Remember to always consult with a healthcare professional before altering or discontinuing any current medications, treatment or care, starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, or if you have or suspect you might have any health problem.



Amazing Nutritional Data

The YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE nutritional data, is the sort of cutting-edge nutritional data that had the world sit up and take notice when it was first published.

It was thought impossible to achieve just a decade ago.

It is unparalleled by any other programme.



Calories (kcal)

Sat. Fat (g)

Poly. Fat (g)

Mono. Fat (g)

Total Carbs (g)

Fiber (g)

NET Carbs (g)

Sugars (g)

Sodium (mg)

Potassium (mg)











      Fruit Fiesta (Whole)

Calories (kcal)

Sat. Fat (g)

Poly. Fat (g)

Mono. Fat (g)

Total Carbs (g)

Fiber (g)

NET Carbs (g)

Sugars (g)

Sodium (mg)

Potassium (mg)











     All Chocolate (Whole)

Calories (kcal)

Sat. Fat (g)

Poly. Fat (g)

Mono. Fat (g)

Total Carbs (g)

Fiber (g)

NET Carbs (g)

Sugars (g)

Sodium (mg)

Potassium (mg)











        Tea (Whole)

Calories (kcal)

Sat. Fat (g)

Poly. Fat (g)

Mono. Fat (g)

Total Carbs (g)

Fiber (g)

NET Carbs (g)

Sugars (g)

Sodium (mg)

Potassium (mg)











     Lunch: Nicoise Salad

Calories (kcal)

Sat. Fat (g)

Poly. Fat (g)

Mono. Fat (g)

Total Carbs (g)

Fiber (g)

NET Carbs (g)

Sugars (g)

Sodium (mg)

Potassium (mg)











     Dinner: Pho Soup   

Calories (kcal)

Sat. Fat (g)

Poly. Fat (g)

Mono. Fat (g)

Total Carbs (g)

Fiber (g)

NET Carbs (g)

Sugars (g)

Sodium (mg)

Potassium (mg)











      Grand Total

Calories (kcal)

Sat. Fat (g)

Poly. Fat (g)

Mono. Fat (g)

Total Carbs (g)

Fiber (g)

NET Carbs (g)

Sugars (g)

Sodium (mg)

Potassium (mg)











Analysis of Nutritional Data

Grand Total

Calories (kcal)

Sat. Fat (g)

Poly. Fat (g)

Mono. Fat (g)

Total Carbs (g)

Fiber (g)

NET Carbs (g)

Sugars (g)

Sodium (mg)

Potassium (mg)











  1. You will be able to eat a full normal 2000 calories per day AND lose excess fat (Not water or muscle)  AND feel full


  1. The fat and fiber will make you feel full (So don’t omit any of the foods from the programme) 


  1. When following the programme your body will naturally adjust itself back to your ideal weight


  1. Uniquely the Monounsaturated : Polyunsaturated fatty acid balance of the programme is an ideal ratio of 3:1  


This is more than THREE times better compared to the Standard Western Diet. 


  1. The Omega-6 : Omega-3 fat balance on this programme also clocks in at an ideal at 1:4 


This is more than SIXTEEN times better than the Standard Western Diet.


  1. The saturated fat content is less than 10% of total calories as recommended (Lower than the ideal 7%)


That is about THREE times less saturated fat than on the Standard Western Diet, and it is very different fat to what constitutes the saturated fat content on a Standard Western Diet (23%). 

Everyone should limit saturated fat to max. 10% of daily calories. That is what is considered healthy. 

To further reduce any risk of heart disease, pioneers suggest limiting saturated fats to less than 7% of your total daily calories. 

This programme’s saturated fat content, clocks in at the ideal end of 7% 

The programme is EXTREMELY heart healthy.


  1. The total fats are more than 80% plant based


  1. The programme contains no Trans Fats or other unhealthy fats.


  1. Uniquely the programme features a Sodium : Potassium balance of an ideal 1:4 


This is more than FIVE times better than the Standard Western Diet. 


  1. Uniquely the programme derives only about 10% of calories from NET carbs. The programme will delight the many low-carb people out there wishing to lose weight. 


  1. The programme includes a whopping 46.50 grams of fiber! 


  1. That is a good FOUR times more fiber than the Standard Western Diet (A 400% improvement). 


  1. The programme contains FOUR times less sugars than the recommended daily intake, and all of these come from whole-plant food sources


  1. That is TEN times less sugar than on the Standard  Western Diet


  1.  Uniquely the programme features an ideal Fiber:Sugar balance of 1:1


    16)That is a TWENTY times better ratio than the 

         Standard.Western Diet ratio (A 2000% improvement!)


    17) 99% of the ingredients on the Gut 20 Master Diet are                    whole foods! HIGHLY nutritious WHOLE FOODS,


    18) You will not feel hungry. You will feel full. 

         The programme is absolutely packed with 

         nutrient dense superfoods 


    19)  As the inner universe of your microbiome is allowed  

         to heal itself, your autoimmune issues, weight

         problems,.joint problems and skin problems will 

         simply take care of themselves and fade into the



    20) Several of the supplements and superfoods are

          clinically proven to improve stubborn low moods, 

          as effectively as.several branded antidepressants!

The world is facing a pandemic of autoimmune & chronic inflammatory conditions: Weight problems, digestive issues, Arthritis, Asthma, Celiac, Crohns, Diabetes, IBS, IBD, Lupus, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Eczema and more...

Are you ready to stop being part of that statistics?


- Your body is not eating the food you eat.

- Your 100 trillion GUT BACTERIA eats the food you eat.


- The Key to your health, is found in the diet, which resets and repairs your 100 trillion gut bacteria and digestive tract. 

Are you ready to take control of your own health future?

It is possible. Hundreds of thousands of people have done so. You can too. 


We used to be patients. That was the past.
This is the future


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