What You Will Achieve

What You Will Achieve

You will experience a thinner, stronger, energetic new you.

You will reverse and reset the inflammation and autoimmunity that has kept you form being all you can be.

In scientific terms the program will help you: 

  • Fix your microbiome issues and imbalances 

  • Assist your assimilation of / balances of / metabolism of macronutrients and micronutrients

  • Heal and seal your gut (Gut permeability / scars) 

  • Deal with unhelpful bacterial overgrowth/dominance 

  • Deal with Yeast / fungal overgrowth/dominance 

  • Limit Mycotoxins (Plant toxins produced by moulds)

  • Limit Endotoxins pouring through your gut barrier

  • Avoid inflammatory foods / foods not designed for humans 

  • Limit foods containing naturally occurring plant toxins 

  • Limit foods containing man-made toxins (Especially processed foods of any kind; Even apple juice and sunflower oil are processed foods! Real food only have ONE ingredient) 


You will eat specific food and supplements that are naturally:

  • Antibacterial

  • Antiviral

  • Antifungal 

  • Antiparasitic

  • Antigenotoxic

  • Antiproliferative

  • Prebiotic 

  • Probiotic 

  • Full of a variety of digestive enzymes

  • Full of compounds that boost bile production

And eat specific foods and supplements that:

  • Have IMMUNOMODULATORY properties

  • Have ANTI INFLAMMATORY properties 

  • Help regulate GENE EXPRESSION 

  • Help regulate URIC ACIDS 

  • Supports your LIVER & KIDNEYS 

  • Supports your THYROID FUNCTION (Hormones)


Eat foods containing ALL TYPES OF FIBER:

  • Cellulose 

  • Inulin 

  • Pectins 

  • Beta glucans 

  • Psyllium 

  • Lignin


The simple plan included in the best-seller: YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE is already designed with all of the above in mind, and makes healing easy and quick.

Your 100 trillion gut bacteria will love the 

FANTASTIC FOODS and supplements combinations that will make up your own gut microbiome healing party! 

Once your gut has been healed, your other conditions will heal afterwards.

Your 100 trillion bacteria will keep you healthy for life.


Chronic Conditions
What Are they All About?

1. Your Body is Not Consuming the Food You Eat

Traditionally, chronic autoimmune and chronic inflammatory conditions, were seen as stemming from FAULTS of some kind; Faults in the immune system... in the metabolism of proteins... of carbohydrates... of various fats... or in the assimilation of certain vitamin and minerals… or put down to endocrine faults related to the thymus, thyroid, pituitary, gonads, adrenal or pancreas.... Or…. (The list is endless).


The observed data is correct, but the idea of faulty human bodies have been taken too far.

20th century Western Medicine argued in the past that people who suffer from ‘autoimmune’ conditions, have faulty immune systems (Hence the name!), and that suppressing parts of the immune system was the way forward. 

The literature is often dogmatic and confusing, as evidence presented in support of each idea, is for the most part balanced by reports expressing doubt or direct refutation.


Is it highly probable that upwards of a billion people all have somewhat faulty immune systems? 


Is it a good idea to continue to focus our energies on suppressing parts of the very system that keeps us alive?


We ask readers from the medical community, who are not yet onboard with the newest research, to at least entertain the idea that the immune system is acting correctly based on actual physical threats.

Some of these ‘threats’ might ‘only’ be spillovers of endotoxins or partly digested matter, but they are still threats any healthy immune system would deal with.


The idea that there is nothing wrong with your immune system, is unfortunately still seen as quite modern and  a little controversial.

Billions of dollars are spent in research every year working out how to suppress specific immune responses, 

For specific conditions, on the premise that upward of a BILLION of the world's population come equipped with faulty immune systems.


A better starting point to your own health, is to assume that the fault lies on your own dinner plate - or rather with the sort of food production that is making the WHOLE WORLD sick at the moment. 

Maybe a ‘balanced diet’ is not that ‘balanced’ after all?

Maybe all of the obese people around the world are not obese because they are lazy and simply ‘don’t exercise enough’?

Maybe they shouldn’t just continue to count calories?

Maybe the food they eat, ruin their microbiome and turn on unhelpful genes, which have them walk around overfed and undernourished? 

Maybe the new ‘normal’ of relying on simpl;e carbs and coffee to get you ‘through the day’ is not that ‘normal’ after all?

Maybe the new ‘normal’ of you constantly having to watch your weight - while all of your biomarkers are completely off the chart - not that ‘normal’ after all?

Can you think of ONE other mammal on planet earth, 

(NOT fed by humans) that gets fatter and fatter?       


Maybe the new ‘normal’ is not normal at all.

2. The Bacteria in Your Gut Consumes the Food You Eat

Your body is not consuming the food you eat.


The bacteria in your gut consumes the food you eat.


Your body then ‘eats’ what that bacteria has processed and released. Your need to focus on the bacteria you play host to.


Your gut bacterial diversity is likely about as barren as the soil beneath the many fields that have been industrially farmed for decades... growing just one crop (Typically soy, corn or wheat for animal feed), instead of a wide variety of plants, growing on fertile soil, home to trillions of bacteria. 

That soil is slowly dying and slowly turning into a holed desert incapable of producing anything. 

Tons of man made chemicals are dumped on that soil yearly to try to keep that singular crop growing.


The solution to that problem is to have a wide variety of plants growing on the same field, and have animals grazing (and pooping) on the land, creating a rich biodiversity, where a single handful of soil can be home to more than 50 billion life forms and 10000 diferrent strains of bacteria . That’s diversity!


You need to create that same rich diversity in your own ‘soil’ inside your gut, where trillions of bacteria live

You need to take care of your 100 trillion friends in there, so that they can take care of you. That’s what friends are for.   

3. Your Body ‘Eats’ What Your 100 Trillion Gut Bacteria Have Released 

The adult intestine plays host to a huge number of diverse bacterial tribes, known collectively as the ‘Microbiome’.

All of these tribes live mainly in the lower gut, where they exist in a delicately balanced symbiotic relationship with their human host (You!)


There are 100 trillion bacterias in there! Many more of them than you, as you only have around 15 trillion human cells. 

Take care of your 100 trillion friends in there, and they will take care of you.


A mountain of research is coming out, which all points to the central role of the microbiome in human health. 

The microbial tribes living in your gut are influenced by multiple factors and can modulate your body’s immune responses is a great number of ways.

An altered microbiome has been associated with gastrointestinal complaints, chronic inflammation, and autoimmune conditions such as skin disorders, joint aches and worse.

An altered microbiome can be the result of infections; such as Streptococcal linked to guttate psoriasis, or other microorganisms; such as Staphylococcus Aureus, Malassezia and Candida Albicans - which appear involved in the onset of many imbalances in the body and microbiome and are likely involved in the onset of several autoimmune conditions. 

Some rightly speculate that these infections might never have taken hold, if the gut bacterial tribes had simply been more effective at suppressing these, never allowing them to take hold. 


The skin also has its own fungal microbiome of fungi, called a ‘mycobiome’, and this ‘mycobiome ‘is intimately linked with the microbiome in the gut.

The skin functions as a barrier to the world, the same way the gut and intestines are barriers to the world.


The gut and intestinal barriers are many times larger than the skin barrier. The gut and intestinal barriers just happen to be on the inside where you can’t see them (!) but are the size of a badminton court! 


In some skin conditions, it is easily observed that the wrong tribes of gut bacteria has moved into a position of dominance e.g. in the case of Psoriasis where ‘Staphylococcus Aureus’ and ‘Streptococcus Danieliae’ tribes can be the main culprits causing the initial inflammation.


It is important to treat specific infections with antibiotics. In terms of continued health, you do however need to move onto ‘next level thinking’ and focus on strengthening your inner microbiome ‘soil’ to the point where it is a fortress so solid, that no tribes of unhelpful bacteria would even dream of attacking!  


It is a war in there, and you need to support your friendly bacteria to make sure they win the war 

So Feed Your 100 Trillion Gut Bacteria Well

Gut bacterial imbalances are called ‘dysbiosis’, and are not fixed by eating a little yoghurt… or taking some silly expensive supplement designed to fix your gut. 


If someone tries to sell you powders or pills that will magically fix your gut issues on their own, look somewhere else. 

The reason why they are all trying to sell you supplements, is because that’s where the money is. Those people and organisations are either very ill informed or very mean.

Chronic inflammatory disorders are not trifles, to be fixed by eating a pill or mixing a bit of powder into your juice.


EVERYTHING you eat will impact your 100 trillion gut bacteria directly. Adding powders or pills or fermentables like kimchi or kombucha to an otherwise ineffective gut diet, will most likely make you much sicker. Be careful. 

Restoring your microbiome to a near-perfect state is far more complex than many will have you believe. 

It is however likely that a systemic and sustained modulation of the gut microbiome and skin mycobiome can be as effective long-term as direct immunotherapy.

Carefully restoring the microbiome and suppressing pathogenic microbes, is an effective scientifically proven therapeutic target for treating many chronic disorders effectively.



Fertile Soil

Scientists currently have achieved extremely promising results with ‘transplantations of entire healthy microbial populations’.

That basically means that scientists find a very, very healthy person… then collect their poop (yes! their poop!)... then blend it… and either put the healthy poop into pills, patients then swallow (‘poop pills’)… or inject the healthy poop directly into the sick person from the other end… 

It takes a long time to see results using this method, but it works!

Why does it work?

Because the problem of bad skin, bad joints, bad lungs, bad weight, bad digestion, bad… all originates in YOUR GUT microbiome!

The problem is in there and the solution is in there, and what you put in your mouth (or doctors put in your rear end), to a large extent decides your health outcomes.


Sorting out your microbiome is likely vital to you getting off your endless chronic conditions circus and endless medication, and back to living a more normal life.

Study the evidence! 

Then learn to take proper care of your 100 trillion friends through the food you eat! It does not matter what YOU like to eat. It matters what your friendly bactria inside of you gut likes to eat. Make friends with them! Treat them well. As the saying goes:’ Love your neighbour - He might return the favour'! Love your 100 trillion bacteria!


House Party

When unwanted guests just won't leave, it is often because they are enjoying the party and the food and drink too much.

You have been the host of a bacterial ‘gut house party’ that has gone very wrong.

All of the rough kids heard about the party, and have brought all of their junk and drugs to your gut house. 

There are broken things everywhere, empty pizza boxes, throw up on the floor…. It has gone beyond the point of just asking them politely to turn down the music and leave.  

They were all having a party in your house, and no matter how ‘healthy’ you eat, they will continue that party, until you make their existence unbearable.

How will you make their existence unbearable? 

By stopping their food and drug supplies and instead feed them their least favorite foods; garlic, lemon, turmeric, cloves, grapefruit seeds, black walnut, MSM, perfectly balanced fatty acids, and many other compounds that combined show your unwanted guests where the door is and kick them out the rear end of the house. 

This programme creates an extremely inhospitable environment for unwanted microbes, and you will take biofilm disrupting supplements, such as Allicin (From fresh Garlic),

NAC (N-acetyl cystine), and Monolaurin and Caprylic Acid (From Coconut Oil) along many other compounds, that will finally help break up the house party that has gone on for far too long, and caused you too much distress. 


A Trashed House

Your house has been thrashed. Sorry!

Your insides are likely inflamed and possibly physically damaged, the same way you can have small cuts and bruises on your skin. 

 It is possible that there are even small ‘holes in the wall’ of your gut house that allow undigested proteins or endotoxins to seep through - even after you have managed to stop the party.

 As these seep through, your immune system naturally responds to the intrusion.

 If your gut microbes were having a ‘house party’, then your immune system is the ‘Police’ that frantically tried to make sure the party did not spread to the rest of the town. 

This could mean you continuing to react to just about anything you eat.. and so the programme will help you allow the intestinal walls the time and space and nutrients needed to recover and rebuild. 

You will start feeding your helpful bacteria their favourite foods, growing their strength, so that they in turn can help you grow yours. They become the fertile ‘soil’ that will keep you healthy for the long-term.



Keep Thinking of Yourself as a Host

Keep thinking of yourself as the host of a massive house with 100 trillion guests.

You are the host body to all these bacterias, but the bacterias are not yours. They have their own life.

The bacteria living in your gut are not your property. 

You cannot chat to them. 

 You can only encourage the good guys to stay and the bad guys to leave.

 Just like the host at a party, you can try to stop the party by calling in the big guns. 

 You stop a bacterial party by taking antibiotics. This will unfortunately also kick out all of the good helpful guests, that you really really needed to stay - not just the guys pooping in the pool and smashing the walls.   

 Guess what! The bacterias that create havoc in your body and mind, love crap food! 

 If you put out super healthy food, the bad guys will eventually move onto somewhere more fun.

 If you also build up your own bacterial ‘police’ force and invite them in for their favourite treats, the baddies will be out of your house even sooner.

Really your one and only true power as a host body is that you decide what your guests eat.

 The bacteria in your gut are specialists in making you crave junk foods. They will indirectly send signals to your brain, as if your brain was their personal fast food takeaway (!) making you crave junk food like mad. 


The more they get, the stronger they grow.    


It is time to kick the morons out! They belong in the toilet!


It is time to make amends with your trillions of friendly bacteria.

Let’s face it; You have not been the best of friends to them  this far
- but that is about to change.


To access the full programme and plans   and start healing now, please buy the international best-seller YOUR GUT or YOUR LIFE


The world is facing a pandemic of autoimmune & chronic inflammatory conditions: Weight problems, digestive issues, Arthritis, Asthma, Celiac, Crohns, Diabetes, IBS, IBD, Lupus, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Eczema and more...

Are you ready to stop being part of that statistics?


- Your body is not eating the food you eat.

- Your 100 trillion GUT BACTERIA eats the food you eat.


- The Key to your health, is found in the diet, which resets and repairs your 100 trillion gut bacteria and digestive tract. 

Are you ready to take control of your own health future?

It is possible. Hundreds of thousands of people have done so.

You can too. 

We used to be patients. That was the past.
This is the future